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This Summer at Bridges...

2018 Making Connections


In a world that is growing more divided, we want to encourage our students to Make Connections. We will carefully weave social studies, culture, and history into lesson plans that accentuate the importance of playing your role in the community. 
Let's Connect the Dots


Week 1: Who am I? What makes me unique?
Week 2: What are my dreams? What are my goals?
Week 3: What will it take to achieve my dreams?
Week 4: What do I mean to my community?
Week 5: How can I give back to others?
Week 6: Fun and Formality

Learning & Enrichment Topics


+ English - Language Arts

+ Mathematics and Science

+ S.T.E.A.M Projects

+ Post HighSchool Prep

+ Cultural Appreciation
+ Games and Projects
+ Career Exploration





Camp Location


DeSoto, Texas


Our Mission

  • Engage students through creative learning programs aimed to create advanced exposure opportunities to English and Math skills and test-taking strategies.


  • Educate students using lessons and exercises with Goal Theory as the primary focus. Encourage students to establish goals and plans to achieve them.


  • Motivate students to establish a goal to graduate from high school and provide the support tools to help them to achieve this goal.



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