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Bridges Summer Camp is a program developed by Comprehensive Academic and Social Enrichment Solutions Inc., a 501 (c)(3) Agency.

Bridges Summer Camp is an awesome summer program that provides an academic enrichment intervention for 3rd-8th grade students. Many parents understand how important a program like Bridges is and how impactful it could be for their child, but they cannot afford the camp fees. Camp sponsorships and donations can help to off-set the cost of the program so that we can reduce costs for those who need additional assistance.


There are parents on the waiting list now who could use your support. If you can provide financial support for students to attend Bridges Summer Camp, please DONATE today.



In-Kind Services and Donations are Welcomed

We are specifically in need of support with the items listed below.


  • T-Shirt Printing Services

  • School and Office Supplies

  • Healthy Afternoon Snacks

  • Transportation Services for Field Trips

  • Luncheon Services

  • Outdoor Field Day - Volunteers / Games / BBQ

  • Volunteers- Field Trip Chaperones

  • Volunteers - Career Exposure Days

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Can your Company sponsor a field trip for Bridges?

Call us at

214-390-6548 for details.

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